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Created in 2010, the NITYAM brand was born from the wish of a man, then of a team, to make the greatest number of people benefit from light-emitting diode (LED) technology in France and Europe, at a time when the latter was still inaccessible.

Nityam’s DNA lies in lighting, and Nitya means Eternal Energy in Sanskrit (ancient Pali). It was therefore normal that after 8 years of various developments focused mainly on LED lighting sources and products, the brand is gradually taking the turn of the Internet of Things (IoT), by offering a range from 2018 bulbs and lighting products that are no longer just LED, but also WiFi connected, creating the brand and the universe of Nityam Smart products.

LED lights

Open the doors to the future of smart LED lighting by replacing your current lights with smart lights!

Depending on the LED lighting models chosen, different functions for managing and controlling your bulbs as follows:

– Switch on switch off,
– Change of colors and variation of light intensity,
– Change of whites, passage from a warm white to a cold white, then variation of light intensity,
– Periodic programming to turn on and / or turn off the bulb,
– Group several bulbs together to create only one controllable set at the same time,
– Simulate your presence by the programming function or simply by remote control of the bulb from your smartphone,

Smart LED Bulbs Standard

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Smart LED Bulbs Filament

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Smart Strip LED

Discover our strip LED

Smart Spot LED

Discover our spot LED

Smart Downlight LED

Discover our downlight LED

Smart Ceiling Light LED

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Smart Garden Lights

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Smart String Lights

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Nityam Smart Gaming

Force the doors of a fantastic and virtual world thanks to the smart LED gaming lights that evolve at the same time as your games!

Smart Home

Get started in home automation with Nityam Smart, the only solution offering a complete range of smart products for the home!

Socket and powerstrip

The connected socket and power strip are useful everyday devices because they allow you to make all types of connected devices “connected”. Whether it’s a fan, a coffee machine or even a floor lamp.

You will be allowed to control and manage these devices through the following socket and power strip functions:

– Switch on switch off,
– Timer to make sure you turn off your device in the next few minutes,
– Periodic programming to turn on and/or off the device plugged into the connected socket or power strip,
– Statistics to control your energy consumption (for the outlet only),
– Turn on / off the USB ports (for the power strip only),

Thermostat and valve head

Technology is advancing rapidly, especially in the area of ​​home comfort and security. Among the trends, the connected thermostat is one of the most popular innovations because it offers more well-being, while allowing you to consume less.


A connected thermostat, what is it for?

Are you used to managing your gas heating by adjusting the temperature of your radiators manually? When you are away, do you have to lower the thermostat of your boiler each time to avoid heating your house unnecessarily?

With the thermostat connected, you no longer need to worry about it. It takes care of regulating your heating intelligently and according to your wishes.

In addition, being compatible with voice assistants, you no longer have to have your thermostat or your smartphone at hand. Simply tell your voice assistant to adjust the temperature of your boiler or radiators to your liking.

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